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Our Border Concerns

Beyond our work with communities to work toward for local and state reform on the most pressing community development issues of the region we also examine how federal immigration and border policy impact our community. These are some of our key concerns.

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We do not support “metering” and other unusual modes of processing for asylum seekers at the ports of entry. We strive to involve ourselves in communication with Customs and Border Protection officials to find on-the-ground solutions to problems faced by asylum seekers and those within the asylum process in this difficult political climate.

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We are committed to defending community assets and reinforcing community security against unnecessary and costly projects that intimidate border communities and stifle infrastructure development. The RGV must retain its economic stability and cultural vibrance in these times of insecurity for many generations to come and our network does not support the further construction or development of militarized border strategies.



We are committed to advocacy of humanitarian and legally established processes for immigrant detainees who face insecurity and abuses from misaligned and piecemeal policy that punishes families, including children, that are held in large scale facilities without appropriate access to legal counsel, healthcare or education.