Working Groups: Civic Engagement

Community Empowerment.


We empower low income communities so that their voices can be heard by elected officials at at the local, state and national levels on election and census days.  We protect residents’ rights to be civically engaged, create pathways to increase access, and equip community members with the information needed to participate in election and census activities.  We are the bus taking people to the polls, the church housing community meetings and the people knocking on the door of the elections department.


  • We believe that the health of our country’s democracy depends on the health of our community’s civic engagement.

  • We believe that everyone who has the right to participate in elections and census activities should be able to do so with ease, confidence and without intimidation.  

  • We value pathways of access for civic engagement activities and believe that public, private and community partners should work together to uphold the civic engagement rights of the public.


  • We strive to build a world with 100% participation in election and census activities, where individuals can participate knowing that their information will be used only for intended activities and where informed citizens can understand clearly how to engage in voting and census activities.  

  • We work for a world where neither neighborhood, nor income determine your likelihood to vote nor the responsiveness of your elected officials.  We envision a world where citizens have the capacity, resources and initiative to hold elected officials accountable and where these representatives actively seek out the input of their most vulnerable community members.  


  • Increase voter turnout by 3-5% in our precincts

  • Changing the culture on voting