End the Shutdown Without a Shakedown

BROWNSVILLE — January 24, 2019 — The RGV-Equal Voice Network supports our border communities and we are deeply concerned over proposed legislation by the Senate that would negatively impact our families and quality of life on the border, specifically, the "End the Shutdown & Secure the Border Act."  The proposed McConnell/Trump policy, which is said to have been written by DHS and Trump Advisor Stephen Miller,  is a shakedown bill that capitalizes on the Trump Administration’s previous attacks on immigrant youth by attaching a ransom note to their lives at the cost of $25 Billion dollars. The money would go to ramp up funding for a deportation force, create a slush fund for border militarization, put current DACA and TPS holders at risk of deportation, ensure the elimination of asylum for certain minors and exclude other countries entirely from asylum access.


We find it exceptionally cruel that President Trump would create roadblocks for asylum seekers, especially children, despite his claims that he is concerned for the overall well-being of those same children and their families. We also find his inconsistencies in compassion insincere and an overall insult to the 800,000 federal working families he claims to support, plus the countless other families across the nation reliant on currently unfunded federal programs.


Our Senators bear the responsibility to serve the public,  therefore they must reopen the federal government to allow for discussions to keep government open, restore the security of their constituency and work against divisive policies that hurt working families across the nation. It is time that our lawmakers restore the order to our democratic principles and do what is right.  No ransom money for walls!  No bargaining with our abuser. Enough is enough!