Why we need MAS in our K-12 education curriculum.

Last May, the Mesa Comunitaria on Mexican American Studies (MAS), which includes various education stakeholders, parents and community members of the RGV, including the RGV Equal Voice Network Education Working Group, convened at the UTRGV Edinburg campus to discuss MAS and identify school districts who should or are already implementing MAS in their curriculums. 

The reason why it is so important to implement MAS is that a little more than half of public school students in Texas are Latinx, yet many do not have a comprehensive understanding of their ethnic origin or the historical significance of how they got here. According to a 2016 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, MAS studies have been shown to improve school attendance, improve academic performance and increases overall college-readiness of students with access to the elective. MAS also gives guiding principles into a student’s cultural background, plus valuable insight into the political significance of how Latinx communities have come to acquire basic civil liberties throughout the course of history. 

It is the hope of the Education Working Group that more of these opportunities are made available to K-12 students.  If you would like to become involved in the pursuit to implement MAS in your school, visit the MAS Community of Practice group at http://ow.ly/Amt350uslKn .